Once you feel it's meant for you, the decision to buy comes easy. Your personal situation and options laid out in visual graphics. Calculators help your customers discover the benefits of your services.

What is a web calculator?

Calculator is a solution for visualizing how well your services meet the needs of your customers. Unlike traditional forms, our calculators visualize numbers into graphics and support your brand identity. Calculators are most commonly used for financial instruments
and services

Discovering solutions

Calculators draw attention and are great sales support material. The idea is to let the user easily feed in his own details, realize his own situation, and offer him the solutions available.

Changes to the content

In case client needs access to change the content of the calculators, the necessary parameters can be defined separately.

Drop-in solution

Calculators can be integrated to the template of you website by using iframe or embedding it into HTML-element. Calculators can be based on Flash or HTML-techniques.

Alternatively, calculator can be used as a campaign deployed on its own separate website.

Contact us for more information about web calculators.

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