Marketing solutions

Our marketing tools take the technical headache out of content creation – leaving you more time to focus on the quality of your communication.

A single marketing platform

Our Codesigner platform brings together a set of tools that cover most common marketing and communication needs, including content management, website maintenance and direct mailing. You can easily take these tools into use one by one as the need arises and your business develops over time.

Website maintenance and development

As content creation gets easier and quicker with our tools, you’ll have more time to think about how you want to improve and develop your website. This is why much of our work lies in producing new templates, visual material, and integrating market data and news feeds.

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  • Mobile sites

    Your service can be much more than just a website. Codesigner can auto-generate
    mobile version of your website.  Learn more

  • Calculators

    Visualize your services and help your customers discover the benefits for them.  Learn more