Form Composer

Create online forms easily and publish them in minutes. With the look of your website and the functions that suit you the best. With Form Composer you collect more information.

What is Form Composer?

Form Composer is a tool for creating and managing web forms. The whole process is done in WYSIWYG and automated functions require no technical expertise. It is ideal for common activities like feedback, invitations, sign-ups, contests, campaigns and process handling.

Creation and changes

Forms are built by using templates and typical form elements: radio button, checkbox etc. Elements of the form can be reorganized by drag n' drop. Old forms can be used as a basis when creating new ones.

Active forms can be changed and the database dynamically adjusts to the changes. All forms have version history.

Notification messages

Form Composer generates confirmation emails that can be customized. They include the user-submitted data and can optionally be sent as SMS.

Submission processing

The replies are collected in a database and reference numbers and total sums are calculated automatically. Publishing moment can be preset just like conditions for expiration and maximum number of attendees.

Replies and summary reports can be viewed in HTML format and downloaded as Excel spreadsheets. Submitted data can be emailed for a review and approval.

Drop-in solution

Form Composer can be integrated to the template of you website by embedding it into a HTML-element and possibly open up in a light box. It can also be integrated with case management and ERP-based systems. 

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